C1000 SOA

The C1000 SOAA stationary wash is for trains of any length, with or without pantographs

The system comprises: 

  • Rinsing arch
  • Stationary side brushes C1000 SOA
  • Skirt brush
  • Eaves brush
  • Entrance lights
  • Pre-spraying equipment
  • Operator terminal
  • Rinse arch 

The sides and roof can be cleaned during the drive-through process, with the addition of extra brushes. 

The system can be installed outside or in drive-through wash halls and is suited for short and long trains with short washing times.

The train wash unit model C1000 SOA can be designed as a stationary wash unit for trains with or without pantographs, without being restricted by the length of the train. The side surfaces and alternatively the slanted roof surfaces can be cleaned during the drive-through process (with additional wash cylinders at a surcharge).  Depending on the speed at which the train drives through the wash unit, the unit is designed with a respective amount of cylinder pairs for applying the wash chemicals and washing off the dissolved grime. The unit is completed with freestanding spray and rinse stands. This wash unit concept can be installed outdoors as well as in drive-through wash halls. The frame construction of the Train Wash C1000 SOA comes in the standard colour RAL 9007 grey aluminium and is powdercoated.
Stationary The vehicle passes through the wash, self-propelled, for the side wash. Front and rear wash is not possible.

  • Ideally suited for short and long vehicles (unlimited wash length)
  • Short washing times
  • Short washing hall / washing bay possible
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